Skinobell Van

LHR Treatment

Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Get upto 90% reduction with our FDA approved technology, and enjoy a safe and painless experience

Why should you choose Skinobell Laser hair removal

Why laser removal is better than waxing?

5 reasons why you should totally ditch waxing by parlour aunty

Laser hair reduction

  • Pretty Painless.
  • Permanent results.
  • Sesssions are 4 to 12 weeks apart. Your skin is well rested.
  • No in growth at all.
  • Cost effective. You spend about ₹ 60k for a permanent solution

Age old Waxing

  • It hurts so much!
  • Temporary results.
  • Sessions are 3 to 4 weeks apart. Your skin gets no rest.
  • Lots of in-growths.
  • Expensive. You spend about ₹ 3.6 lakhs in the long run.
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